This introductory video deals with (the first section) of the new M4 metro line which was built between 2004 and 2014 presented from the planners’ point of view. The idea for the M4 goes back to 1972. It was executed, however, only after the political shift of 1990. (video copyright VIZIT)

The ‘Oasis’ installation was created by NOMAD STUDIO during the PLACCC festival in 2013 showcasing a temporary connection between the communal part of the street level and the ‘shielded’ views from the Csepel housing estate. The sensory experience encouraged people to perceive the vast open space covered by 6000 m2 concrete roof from a radically new perspective. (video copyright VIZIT)

Socialist architecture in Dunaújváros, Hungary – Project: Built To Last by Haruna Honcoop – Video Installation exhibited in GAMU Gallery, Prague – January 2017

Socialist architecture in Budapest, Hungary – Project: Built To Last by Haruna Honcoop