In the following list, you will find recommendations concerning book, papers, journals and websites which might help you during your research about Budapest. The list is growing with time according to my personal work. If you have any further suggestions to enrich the given references please feel free to write me a comment below.


"Architecture - Review - Writing (Épitészet - kritika - írás)" by College of Architecture, Editor: Zsolt Miklósvölgyi, Publisher: Új Forrás, Budapest: 2015
“Architecture, Review, Writing” (“Épitészet – kritika – írás”), 2015
“Liberty Bridge – New Urban Horizons" by Ludwig Museum of Contemporary Art for the Hungarian Pavillion 2018 at the Venice Biennale, Budapest: 2018
“Liberty Bridge – New Urban Horizons”, Venice Biennale 2018
"Az új ház" ("The New House) Zürich: H. Girsberger, 1941 (reprint Budapest: 1978)
“Az új ház” (“The New House”), Kozma Lajos, 1941


“Budapest’s Large Prefab Housing Estates: Urban Values of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow”. Benkö Melinda, Budapest: University of Technology and Economics (BME), 2015

“Transformation in Central European Postsocialist Cities”. Enyedi György, in Discussion Papers by Editor Hrubi László, Budapest: Centre for Regional Studies of Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 1998

“Large-scale restructuring processes in the urban space of Budapest”. Locsmánd Gábor, Budapest: University of Technology and Economics (BME), 2008


Historical Journals

Tér és Forma

Magyar Épitömüvészet


Post 1989 Journals 

Arc’ ( 1998-2001, semiannual (#1-6) / Editor in chief: Vámos Dominika )

Octogon ( 2013-201X, monthly (#1-141) / Editor in chief: Bojár Iván András (1998-2015), Martinkó József (2015-201X) / )

Magyar Narancs ( 1989-201X, weekly / Editor in chief: Vágvölgyi B. András (1991-1998), Bojtár B. Endre (1990-1991, 2007-201X) / )

Alaprajz ( 1997 – ? / Editor in chief: Vámos Dominika )



Modern Györ –

Épitész Forum –

Retropolisz –

Tarsas 2010 –

HG –