Sharing Moments – About Architecture and Aura

The Case of The Spontaneous Occupation of the Liberty Bridge in Budapest  Franz Bittenbinder for GruppoTorto <> Architecture is sharing, both in its production and its result. In fact, what has taken shape through the contribution of architects, clients, builders etc. continues to be subject to a collective process: On the one side, architecture is

Napraforgó utca / Sunflower Street – ReDrawings

To read more about the project you’ll find my article here. Houses The houses and architects in order: László Vágó (Napraforgó street no.1), Gyula Wälder (no.2), Péter Kaffka (no.3), Virgil Bierbauer (no.4), Lajos Kozma (no.5,6,8), Andor Wellisch (no.7), Róbert Kertész K. (no.9 – ex: no.9-11) Aladár Münnich (no.10) Ervin Quittner (no.12), László Vágó (no.11 –