Budapest has many faces. Some are well-known, others still withstand the attention of both foreigners and locals. Most apparent, however, is the contemporary transformation of the built environment which is visible from the centre to the periphery. In many cases, this process has unveiled the importance of historical sites (fallen partly into oblivion), as well as to new, “unexplored” territories.

All Eyes On Budapest aims at creating an archive of architecture of 20th century Budapest which is collecting contemporary projects (including urban interventions) as well as historical examples as a backdrop for reflection. The selection does not claim to generate either absolute objectiveness nor completeness but offers an exhaustive selection of (potentially) relevant projects. These are naturally subject to the filtering view of an architect’s mind which strives to set off a dialogue about the current transformation of Budapest.

Within the section of Locations, you will find the (ongoing) mapping of the selected project which enables visitors and locals to get direct, physical contact. This aspect is a crucial goal of the research reinforcing the idea that architecture is best understood by experiencing its context and all of its inherent dimensions.

The newly added ReDrawings section deals with assessing existing archive material by recreating drawings in digital form. This approach aims at being an active tool for analysis beyond the mere reproduction of information. The section reflects on the long tradition of architect conventions delivered not by words but by a plan, section etc.

Further sections started as a compendium of different material alongside the main research: Fundus, is a collection of texts (mainly articles in journals) digitalised in Hungarian language (to be translated in the future). In Sources you find some of the most recurrent references I have come across, whereas in Video related movie material is collected.

Overall, I hope to contribute to the availability of material that has been difficult to access due to language and insufficient online open source platforms. For any questions, you can comment or contact me directly in the Contact section.

Franz Bittenbinder – alleyesonbp.com